Our History​

In operation since 1989, BCCIC has a rich history as a network in constant evolution.

In 1988, the Canadian Council for International Cooperation (CCIC) provided funding to BC to hold consultations across the province to explore the formation of a provincial council. One of the consultations recorded: “Many in BC feel the time has come to focus and work proactively together on issues of common concern…” A Council could assist NGOs to strengthen mutual long-range planning, increase access to current information, bring groups together more efficiently and effectively as issues emerge and undergo more in depth analysis about issues.

In the early 1990s there were a lot of activities including the publication of “Global Resources – Materials for the Resourceful Global Educator” and “Global Concerns”, a directory of who’s doing what in international development in BC. In the mid-90’s as funding was reduced, effective lobbying by the BCCIC membership resulted in establishing the Global Development Fund by the BC provincial government. A highlight was the annual spring reception held at the Legislature for MLAs. This fund operated for three years for overseas development and development education. In spite of the dramatic funding cuts in 1995, BCCIC continues to be active up to today!

Written by Dawn McLean

Dawn held several key roles with the organization between 1987 and 1995 including Executive Director.