World Fisheries Trust

World Fisheries Trust, created in 1995, is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to the equitable and sustainable use and conservation of aquatic biodiversity. It acts internationally with small-scale fisheries in Latin America and locally with environmental education including: the Seaquaria in Schools program; Gorge Waterway Nature House; and Eco Learning Hive, and community-based environmental monitoring.

The organization is not an activist group, but rather works as an honest broker with all points of view, creditable scientific evidence, traditional knowledge, and many partners.

We do scientific and social research, environmental education, policy development, appropriate field implementation of solutions. Our particular expertise includes bridging the divide between technical solutions and societal realities, including tools for enhancing community engagement, public awareness, and societal equity.

The combination of local and international projects provides unique insights for this work, as well as providing a conduit between Canadian and international partners.

Telephone: +1 250-380-7585