Youth Engagement

BCCIC considers intergenerational perspectives key to discussions and decision-making about our work towards a green, just, equitable and inclusive future. For this reason, BCCIC has an intergenerational Board of Directors, hosts intergenerational and youth-focused delegations to conferences and high level meetings and works with youth on participatory or youth-driven research projects. BCCIC also runs many programs specifically built to further engage youth in the SDGs and other local-global issues, the most prominent of which are the youth SDG Bootcamp and the youth-driven Climate Change branch of BCCIC. 

Our chapters are also integral to keeping youth involvement in the SDGs alive across the province. BCCIC’s regional chapters organize a whole host of events, such as the Sustainable Development Challenge (Kelowna) or training on ‘Just Transitions’ (Terrace). BCCIC also partners with universities across the province on community-based learning programs and projects or to co-host events.

BCCIC offers the following opportunities for youth:

  • Youth SDG Bootcamp: This program is a 6-month practice-focused transformational change course on the SDGs involving three retreats, including travelling to communities throughout BC and a trip to the United Nations High Level Political Forum
  • BCCIC Climate Change: Our Climate Change branch is youth-led. Visit their page to learn more about their work and visit our Opportunities Page for postings, such as opportunities to participate in their delegations to high level meetings and conferences
  • Youth Dialogues: BCCIC and its chapters host a series of youth-to-youth consultations and discussions on local and global issues of interest. Keep an eye on our Events Calendar for more information 
  • National and International Delegations: BCCIC often sends youth-led or intergenerational delegations to high level meetings. Keep an eye on our Opportunities Page for delegation openings
  • Youth-led Research: BCCIC often runs youth-led research projects on subjects identified by youth or in collaboration with BCCIC staff. Keep an eye out for these postings on our Opportunities Page.
  • Youth Volunteer and Internship Opportunities: BCCIC frequently posts internship and volunteer opportunities. Keep an eye on our Opportunities Page