Youth Take the Reins on Climate Change – COP 24 Online Presentation

BCCIC Youth Delegation Online Presentation
Thursday Feb 8, 11:30am-12:30pm PST
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Climate change is an issue of particular importance and urgency to the young people of our world – for after all, the effects of a changing climate will intensify into the future. In  November 2017, BCCIC partnered with 7 young people from British Columbia to attend the United Nations COP 23 conference on climate change, and now they’re sharing their knowledge and experience!

Each person followed an area of focus, including climate policy, finance, youth engagement, oceans, Indigenous issues, mitigation, and capacity building. The BCCIC Youth Delegation held 2 Press Conferences, and met with several high profile delegates and government representatives including Elizabeth May and AFN Regional Chief Bill Erasmus.

After COP 23 concluded, the 7 Youth Delegates decided to take their experience home and engage other youth on the topic of climate change – they had a two-fold goal:

  1. To empower youth with knowledge by informing them of policy advancements within the UNFCCC negotiations
  2. Inspire youth to engage in international climate negotiations themselves either by attending international conferences themselves, lobbying politicians, or simply staying informed.

In the weeks and months following COP 23 the youth delegates held 6 community engagement events with young people in British Columbia, including capacity building workshops and presentations.

Join this online presentation with the BCCIC Youth Delegates to hear their key takeaways, stories from the conference, and how they think we should be moving forward on climate action.


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