Continued Programming


The Anti-Racist Community of Practice (ARCOP)

The ARCOP was born out of SOVI’s Community Space Series. It is a community group, comprised of a dedicated group of folks from across Vancouver Island committed to making change and doing the hard work, over the long term. Members of the group share resources, best practices, and brainstorm ideas to make organizations more equitable, anti-oppressive and decolonized. The ARCOP is always welcome to new members. Email for more information.

SOVI Partnership Program

Participants of the program will create reciprocal relationships based on the exchange of knowledge surrounding professional, organizing, academic, and lived experiences. Ideally, this will allow both parties to gain new perspectives, hone new skills, and create lasting connections with fellow community members. We’re seeking to subvert the classic mentor/mentee model, and instead focus on a mutual exchange of knowledge.

If you’re currently in the nonprofit field, or interested in joining it, this is an excellent opportunity to learn from your peers. 
Email for more information.

Contact:  Reach our co-chairs by emailing

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