Past Events

Bystander Intervention Training with ICA - March 3 & 10, 2022

This online workshop taught participants the history of bystander intervention, gave an overview of racism and its various forms, and introduced folks to various constructive ways of intervening during instances of racism. After the sessions, attendees could better recognize ways they can use practical anti-racism tools to support Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour in their communities.

The SOVI Unconference - February 9, 2022

The SOVI Unconference focused on the unique issues our sector faces with a goal to make the event as community-led as possible. Participants were able to move in and out of themed breakout rooms. Featured speaker was Samantha McGavin, Executive Director of Inter Pares. Support lead was Venecia Williams, the co-founder of Power of Discourse Consulting, and the facilitator was Dominique Jacobs, the Communications and Campaigns Manager at SNIWWOC. Thank you all!


A meaningful and informative conversation on the connection between global change and justice work. Our local and accomplished youth panelists dived into intersectional feminist, anti-oppressive and climate change movements.

The SOVI Book Club - February 16, 2021

Our first book was the award-winning, The Skin We’re In, by Canadian activist and journalist Desmond Cole. From February to May, we gathered to discuss its themes and case studies. 


White Allies Don't Have to Be White Saviours: Dismantling Performative Allyship -
March 24, 2021

In March, SOVI partnered with the Students of Colour Collective to host a No White Saviors panel discussion. 


IDW2021: Healing oppression through reconnection of the self - February 9, 2021

As part of #IDW2021, SOVI hosted a workshop with expert decolonial facilitator, Nathali Arostegui. Aligning with 2021’s theme, #GoForTheGoals with a focus on gender equality, health and climate change.

SOVI Community Space Series - November 4, 2020

This series was created to develop a community of practice for nonprofit and international development practitioners and aspiring practitioners in the CRD. The kickoff event was a panel discussion with practitioners working in international development and the nonprofit sector.

SOVI Conversations: Systemic Racism in our Sector - June 17, 2020

A conversation between international development colleagues about systemic racism and our sector


Demystifying Partnerships with Global Affairs Canada January 22, 2020

 This online event offered a unique opportunity to attend an in-person information session with staff from Global Affairs Canada to explore the nuts and bolts of partnering with GAC and applying for GAC funding. 

International Development Evaluation “Un-Workshop” January 30, 2020

Jointly hosted by the South Vancouver Island Chapter of the British Columbia Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC) and the British Columbia Canadian Evaluation Society (BC CES)

World TB Day - March 24, 2019

On this day advocates across the world stand in solidarity with one another and alongside the communities affected by this devastating disease by lighting their landmarks in red, helping to build awareness of the impact of this deadly disease.

International Development Week: February 3-9, 2019

A celebration of the exciting work of our members and related organizations. Also learn what impact British Columbians are having – both locally and globally – and what global citizenship means to you!


Co-sponsored by the South Vancouver Island Chapter of the BC Council for International Cooperation.  With Erasmus+ programme of the European Union through the Jean Monnet EU Centre of Excellence at the University of Victoria. 

The Thinking Garden - March 1, 2017

A film about South African Women sowing the seeds of change.
The Thinking Garden tells the inspiring story of what can happen when older women take matters into their own hands and how local action in food production can give even the most vulnerable a measure of control over their food and their future.

International Development Week 2017 - February 9, 2017

For International Development Week the South Vancouver Island Chapter (SOVI) hosted International Development Mosaic. The goal was to showcase the breadth and diversity of projects being undertaken for local and global sustainable development.


The event GLOBAL CONNECTIONS RIGHT HERE AT HOME was a great success and we wish to thank Mike Simpson, Executive Director of BCCIC for travelling to Victoria to engage with SOVI organizations and individuals who are passionate about global sustainability.